My Horses

Mr Darcy

Darcy has been with me since 2012 as a  4.y.o. Oldenburg gelding.

Darcy is an awesome Liberty horse, so offer SO much connection, it's beautiful.

As a ridden horse there have been many complications, which have lead to him being diagnosed with kissing spine, hock and SI issues.. we are not sure where the journey will take us, but currently he is getting stronger and in the mea time I do a lot of in hand work, for fun and for his body and mostly Liberty - he is awesome!






Mia as we generally call her, is a very spunky cute PRE mare, she was given to me by a student a few years ago, at the time she was a HUGE drama queen, every question was NO!! She is now a wonderful diva who over tries her heart out, an exuberant package off fun!

She is my main ridden horse a the moment and our focus is a solid foundation, to prepare her to be my daughters horse in the future.



20y.o. Trakhner x TB

 LBE and RBI..

I have had Sunami since he was a yearling, I started following the home study programme, the old Partnership pack when he was 3 y.o., at the time I thought it was how you start a horse in the programme!!! how little did I know, I managed to teach him quite a few things he didn't need to know along the way.

He is a really sweet and a very connected horse.

He  has a few physical problems over the years, which include kissing spine and a cartilage issue, so around mid L4, which was when I was given Rocho, we started to take it a lot easier.

Now Sunami does a super job of helping people gain more horsemanship experience with a calm collected boy! 

He is a real pleasure to play with.


His favorite things are hacking and Liberty and scratches!!



24 ish  y.o. Welsh Section A

I have owned Mini for 20 ish years.

He has been a super levels pony for many children and finally for my girls Leiyah & Arya, he is pretty exuberant, but a real gentleman on the ground and online, when things speed up his extrovert personality kicks in!

Past Partners that taught me so much... fly free boys x


13 y.o. Danish Warmblood

LBI  Playing in L4

Rocho was given to me in the summer of 2009, I had known him a little while and seen him be sold and put on loan to various homes, where it always ended badly with him coming back, he would rear, buck, bite, strike, luckily for me my friend owned him and one day called me to see if I would consider having him - of course I said yes...

Rocho is a classics LBI - what's in it for me.

Sadly Rocho died in 2012 - I miss him every day but am grateful for every thing he taught me and all the adventures and fun we shared together.


19 y.o.

Adv L2/3

Tui came to me on loan, when Nami broke his leg and has never left, he was having some trouble accepting the human, he is now such a friendly horse, chatting away the moment he see's anyone, his favourite savvy is Liberty.