I can travel to you to teach private or group lessons, I will teach groups of up to 4, providing you are all of a similar level/have similar goals, or you are welcome to travel to me.


Lessons within a 30 mile radius, do not incur travels costs, after the first 30 miles there is a 40p per mile travel charge.



Lessons at Willow Fields, Marlow


1 hour private £40  

1/2 hour £25

1 hour shared, 2 people £50 / 25 each  

2 hours private  £80  

2 hours shared by 2 people £100 / 50 each  

3 hours shared by 1 - 4 people £150 split between 


At your Venue

1 Hour private or shared with two people £80 total

Half Hour one person £40 *

I must have taught you previously, in addition we will have a phone call a few days prior, to set up the lesson plan.

2 hours shared 2 people £150 split between both.

2 hours 1 person - £120

3 Hours shared by 1 - 4 people £200 split between all.


All lessons need to be pre paid for by bank transfer, if you need to re arrange please give me as much notice as possible, for a full refund please give 48 hours notice, less than that and I would not be able to refund you. Your always welcome to reschedule your lesson if needed.

Payment to 


Larisa Tasker

Sort Code: 309393

Account Number: 17355968